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A new year brings another 3 super peaks meets with the Combustionpunks. First of which was set up for the 26th February.

Now, I really enjoy these meets, well organised, well run and usually in a place that offers more than the normal “park up and chat cars in a carpark” type meet. Naturally, I couldn’t wait to get stuck in, and as such, agreed to take control of the organisation and leading of the Chesterfield and Sheffield convoy. Having agreed to this – I made the realisation that I was gonna need a CB.  so job number 1 find one!

Settled on a Midland Alan 48 (my god I love the names they give them) with PA output and a stupidly big whip aerial. Because why not!!

That out of the way, and having had a large amount of help from matt and clare sorting the route, the day arrived.

first port of call was maccys for breakfast with the guys from chesterfield, a bit of a chat and then a blast over to meet the Sheffield lot

we ended up with about 17 vehicles (both cars and bikes)


then the hard work for me started…keeping everyone together. we spent about 45 minutes taking in some great driving roads before finally arriving at the End point in Castleton….All went well, and everyone stayed together – except me! I missed the car park completely and drove past…fortunately, everyone behind actually used their eyes and pulled in.  I’m gonna call that a success.

there was a gopro set up at the entrance to the meet which captured all the cars in all their glory.

All parked up, we had a wander round the cars. some proper stunners turned out despite the weather not being typical mx5 weather. a little drizzly and a little chilly, but friendly faces all around as always. It never ceases to amaze me the depth of folk that have a love for our little roadster – aside from the newly joined “young drifters” who I don’t believe particularly “get” the mx5….just want a cheap drift slag.

lovely dinner followed at a quiet little café then a leisurely stroll around Castleton…talking cars, cars and more cars….yeah, you probably get the idea….

wound the day up with an awesome spirited drive in a little 5 car convoy back to Sheffield along the twisties.

Short and sweet towards the end, but I will remember to get more pictures and videos at the next show so I have something to talk about

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