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Ok! The wishbones, subframes and ppf all went off to be blasted and powdercoated this morning.


Gave me a bit of a kick up the ass to start work on the shell. So I broke out the hammerite..


things are progressing quite nicely but I haven’t updated in a while. This post may be quite pic heavy and a little random in order – but you’ll get the idea

So here goes

Whilst the engine was out, kinda made sense to make a start on that. First was a nice stage 4 clutch and ultra lightweight flywheel



I originally ordered a competition clutch combo in stage 3, but the supplier was out of stock. Ended up with exedy clutch and flywheel instead. I know it’s gonna be a switch in terms of its operation! I guess I’ll learn to live with it.

Next up I set about painting the underside of the car. May as well have it as clean as possible. Because, why not! I chose white as I believe that any problems will be easier to locate down the line (oil leaks, cracks, whatever)


Again. Whilst out, the engine and gearbox was primed and painted



The red is just the primer – it ended up black (yes I know I did white to spot faults – but I like contrast too much!)


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