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A couple of days later, the wishbones and subframes arrived back from the powdercoaters. Had them done in epoxy based powdercoat – I was told this will stand up to general chips better as it tends to dent instead of chip off. I guess time will tell!!


I then set about re-bushing. All super pro polybushes.


Didn’t photo the progress there – we’ve all seen it a million times already.

Then the moog upper front wishbone ball joints went in and re-assembly started. All new alignment bolts and all new bottom ball joints too


 kinda like these shots – they’re my favourite so far. Just because you don’t see 5’s like this. Or any car outside rallying to be fair



The diff was swapped for a type 1 torSen and primed and painted black, along with the driveshafts and prop, then the HSD’s went on


Yes! That’s an official msa accredited lower suspension screwdriver in there! Tested to a million tonnes of pressure. (Or I couldn’t find the bolt – either way)

On went some adjustable, rose jointed drop links and jackson racing ARB’s



Back up front – the wilwood big brake kit went on, complemented by the 2.5 sport rear brake conversion. Should stop quite nicely now. (Yeah I know, it’s got to move first!)


They’re too big to fit behind the ultra lite UL48 wheels, so I need to work out what size spacer I’m gonna need. I’m guessing about 15mm ish.


With 25mm spacers up front. she’s gonna sit quite wide!
15×8 et-25 front
15×9 et0 rear


Ok! All that need done, time for less dirty work.

In went a GCF GCR3 rear cage


Along with GCF door bars too


bit of the car you’re actually gonna see came next.

Off came the hardtop, replaced with a genuine Mazda mk2 mohair on mk2 frame, along with a test fit of the carbon Miata GV Style rear panel


And a carbon Miata carbon vented bonnet along with my old zoom headlight vents from my old 5


Given all the good reviews and hype about these – thought I’d give them a go! They do make the doors sound “like a golf”, but in terms of decreased skuttle shake or any other benefit – I cannot comment just yet


And that kind of brings us up to date at the minute! T minus 19 days till my track day! Keeping my fingers crossed I can get it all done in time

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