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After stupidly breaking my original wannabe racecar, I’ve spent a long time away. Life, kids, divorce all got in the way.

Here’s the original wannabe racecar thread if anyone cares


Now, I’ve decided to return to the fold – but this time things are a little different! I’m going to do things “properly” this time. No technix, no roller paint, no crap. This ones gonna be a track / show car….yes, I’m aiming for both!

About April of this year I bought what looked like a tidy 95 1.8 from a friend…..turned out to be anything but! Holes in the rear arches put paid to that. After considering what to do, I decided to re-shell the car. Along came peak autos with an extremely rust free import shell! A little tatty, but fundamentally rot free. We had fun stripping the old car!





So, it was this point I decided that I would attempt a restoration of what I had. So the running gear was stripped ready for blasting, powder coating and re-bushing




That is pretty much as far as I’ve got at the minute, I’m waiting for a friend to press the old bushes out for me then the wishbones and subframes can be sent away. I will update as I go along. Shouldn’t take too long though – in order to give myself a kick up the ass to get it done, I’m booked on the MOT sprint at Blyton in approximately 6 weeks!

Fingers crossed I’ll be ready to roll. I’m going to keep the end goal a bit of a secret. No spoilers!

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