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Whilst engine work isn’t my favourite – you can’t see it. It’s hidden. I’ve spent quite a bit of time under the bonnet.

Fitted EV14 550s


Fitted an oil cooler, filter relocate kinda deal

The braided line runs inside the wing at the top

The filter lives back here. It looks like it’s gonna be an arsehole to change, but it’s only 2 Allen bolts and it lifts out of the car. No more oil down the arm for me


The cooler itself is bolted to the corner of the wing, baby teeth area.


 know it’s gonna be hard work keeping it that way, but I reckon it’s worth it.

One of the lads came round and I let him loose on a bumper cut. I reckon it looks awesome


Better repaint the bumper and get going with the autosol hadn’t I?

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